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Books - Secret Celebrity | ISBN 9780340984208 Secret Celebrity
Author: Deborah Ewing
ISBN: 9780340984208
Pages: 106
Published: 2009-01-30

Fourteen-year-old Ana is brought illegally to South Africa from Mozambique. She is frightened but hopeful that she will find a job to help support her family. Instead, she finds herself imprisoned in an isolated house, forced to clean and do laundry. When she hears that she is going to be sold as a 'wife', Ana makes a daring escape. She befriends Zandi and her family and faces new challenges in an unfamiliar school. But when Ana goes looking for her father, and Zandi follows, they end up in worse trouble than they could ever have imagined. Hodder African Readers are high-interest books designed to appeal to both boys and girls. They are highly motivating, contemporary adventure and action stories which attract the reader's attention and hold it through the story. Together these titles form a strong, vibrant and attractive supplementary readers series for African schools.
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