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Macmillan unspecified

Long Walk To Freedom Siswati
ISBN: 9781920271206
Product Type: Books


Books - Emasundvu | ISBN 9780195707304 Emasundvu
Author: Jozi Joseph Thwala,AM Maphumulo E Nkosi JJ Thwala
ISBN: 9780195707304
Pages: 77
Published: 1996
Product Type: Books

Books - Imiphonsanyoni | ISBN 9780195711073 Imiphonsanyoni
ISBN: 9780195711073
Product Type: Books

Books - Kusibekelana Kwemagagasi | ISBN 9780195983166 Kusibekelana Kwemagagasi
ISBN: 9780195983166
Product Type: Books

Books - Tikhatsi Tiyagucuka | ISBN 9780195709148 Tikhatsi Tiyagucuka
Author: J. J. Ncongwane
ISBN: 9780195709148
Pages: 95
Published: 1996

A Swazi novel based on a love story across the colour line. It is aimed at secondary school students of Siswati literature, and university students of Siswati.
Product Type: Books

Books - Umfuso | ISBN 9780195708370 Umfuso
Author: Delisile Emmah Nkosi,Leana Eloff
ISBN: 9780195708370
Pages: 80
Published: 1994-01-01

This is an anthology and study of the Siswati oral tradition of tales, rhymes, riddles, and traditional lore. It is designed for secondary school pupils (Std 8), studying Siswati at first language level.
Product Type: Books

Pan Macmillan

Books - Tinhlitiyo Letisemlilweni | ISBN 9781431019595 Tinhlitiyo Letisemlilweni
ISBN: 9781431019595
Product Type: Books
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