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Le Monde En Français Livre De L’élève
Author: Ann Abrioux,Pascale Chrétien,Nathalie Fayaud
ISBN: 9781107564763
Pages: 456
Published: 2015-11-26

This coursebook prepares students thoroughly for the requirements of the 2013 French B syllabus (first examination 2015), at both Standard and Higher Level. It is totally international, offering authentic materials from a variety of French-speaking countries. The texts and topics have been chosen because of their intrinsic interest to young people, and to enable students to develop a genuine intercultural understanding. The exercises are carefully designed to develop students' linguistic abilities, while encouraging them to develop critical thinking skills and allowing them the opportunity to interact personally with the material.
Product Type: Textbooks

Le Monde En Français Livre Du Professeur
Author: Ann Abrioux,Pascale Chrétien,Nathalie Fayaud
ISBN: 9781107564794
Pages: 196
Published: 2015-10-29

Tailored to the 2013 IB Language B syllabus, our full-colour coursebook, Le monde en français, contains everything you need to succeed in your two-year French B course.
Product Type: Textbooks

Lectura Y Escritura Avanzadas Libro Del Profesor
Author: Manuel Frutos-Pérez,Kathryn Aldridge-Morris
ISBN: 9781316632314
Pages: 92
Published: 2016-07-07

Suitable for use in the IB Diploma Spanish B programme, this series covers 15 units which train students in working with various Text Types. Lectura y Escritura Avanzadas Libro del professor supports teachers in developing their students reading and writing skills whilst practising the required language functions for the IB Spanish B examination. This book includes full teachers' notes and answers as well as detailed lesson plans, to accompany the student's book, which equips the students with the ability to structure arguments confidently and coherently. In each unit students analyse different text types which enables them to recognise, practise and produce a range of structures and lexis, transforming writing into an interactive and lively whole class/group activity.
Product Type: Textbooks

Mañana Libro Del Alumno
ISBN: 9781107568587
Product Type: Textbooks

Neo Ya Lefa
ISBN: 9781107524323
Product Type: Textbooks

New Arbeitsmappe
Author: Sophie Duncker,Alan Marshall,Conny Brock
ISBN: 9781108440462
Pages: 120
Published: 2018-09-30

An expertly written German B course now updated for first examination 2020, providing students with thought-provoking materials to help them develop strong language skills and solid critical thinking. The workbook provides students with extra practice as they explore the five themes from the new IB Diploma Language B guide: identities, experiences, human ingenuity, social organisation and sharing the planet. It helps students further develop their German language skills with additional exercises complementing the activities in the coursebook. With activities suitable for both standard and higher level students, the workbook is ideal for teachers needing differentiated exercises for their class and can be used for independent study. Answers to the workbook questions are in the teacher's resource.
Product Type: Textbooks

Tsa-Lerato o Ngwanaka - Tswana Novel
Author: Mmabatho Miriam Mokoka,Moroka
ISBN: 9781919722092
Pages: 47
Published: 1996
Product Type: Textbooks


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