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Deutsch Im Einsatz Lehrerhandbuch
Author: Katrin Fox,Alan Marshall,Conny Brock,Sophie Duncker
ISBN: 9781107564732
Pages: 110
Published: 2015-10-29

This teacher's book accompanies the Deutsch im Einsatz coursebook and is specifically designed to support teachers in preparing their students for the German B course for the International Baccalaureate programme. The book contains answers to all the questions in the coursebook, pedagogical aims of each exercise, specific advice on tasks aimed at Higher Level students and additional activities that complement the exercises in the coursebook.
Product Type: Books

Deutsch Im Einsatz Schu?lerbuch
Author: Katrin Fox,Alan Marshall,Conny Brock,Sophie Duncker
ISBN: 9781107564688
Pages: 352
Published: 2015-10-29

This coursebook prepares students thoroughly for the requirements of the 2013 German B syllabus (first examination 2015), at both Standard and Higher Level. It is totally international, offering authentic materials from a variety of German-speaking countries. The texts and topics have been chosen because of their intrinsic interest to young people, and to enable students to develop a genuine intercultural understanding. The exercises are carefully designed to develop students' linguistic abilities, while encouraging them to develop critical thinking skills and allowing them the opportunity to interact personally with the material.
Product Type: Books

ISBN: 9780521587020
Product Type: Books

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