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Future Managers

Technical Glossary
ISBN: 9781920364212
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Shuters K53 Learners Licence Manual
ISBN: 9780796043672
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Other Series

Books - Making A Difference: Turning Teacher Learning Inside Out | ISBN 9781107574953 Making A Difference: Turning Teacher Learning Inside Out
Author: Colleen McLaughlin
ISBN: 9781107574953
Pages: 176
Published: 2015-09-30

This collection presents new investigations into the role of heritage languages and the correlation between culture and language from a pedagogic and cosmopolitical point of view.
Product Type: Books

Books - New Attitudes To Language | ISBN 9781108402149 New Attitudes To Language
Author: Dan Clayton
ISBN: 9781108402149
Published: 2018-01-31

Essential study guides for the future linguist. Attitudes to Language is an introduction to the facts and fallacies behind our beliefs about 'good English'. It is suitable for advanced level students and beyond. Written with input from the Cambridge English Corpus, it looks at contemporary attitudes to language, the role of technology, language variation - such as accents and dialects - and frameworks for analysing how people use language to discuss language. Using activities to explain analysis methods, this book guides students through modern issues and concepts. It summarises key concerns and modern findings, while providing inspiration for language investigations and non-examined assessments (NEAs) with research suggestions.
Product Type: Books

Books - Steps To Academic Writing Coursebook | ISBN 9780521184977 Steps To Academic Writing Coursebook
Author: Marian Barry
ISBN: 9780521184977
Pages: 154
Published: 2011-07-14

Textbooks for foreign speakers.
Product Type: Books

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