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Macmillan unspecified

Chambers Mac Students Dict
ISBN: 9780797805477
Product Type: Books

Mac Eng Dict Wb
ISBN: 9780333966891
Product Type: Books


Mathematics Dictionary Grade 10-12
Author: David Modlin,Franco Giuseppe Dal Bianco
ISBN: 9781919761534
Pages: 182
Published: 2006
Product Type: Books


Books - Oxford Physical Sciences Dictionary (Paperback) (CAPS Approved) | ISBN 9780199041664 Oxford Physical Sciences Dictionary (Paperback) (CAPS Approved)
Author: 143.95
ISBN: 9780199041664
Product Type: Books

Books - Oxford Skoolwoordeboek School Dictionary | ISBN 9780199054688 Oxford Skoolwoordeboek School Dictionary
ISBN: 9780199054688
Product Type: Books

Books - Oxford South African Pocket Dictionary 4e (Hardback) | ISBN 9780199045037 Oxford South African Pocket Dictionary 4e (Hardback)
ISBN: 9780199045037
Product Type: Books

Oxford Afrikaans-Engels English-Afrikaans Skoolwoordeboek School Dictionary 2e (Hardback)
ISBN: 9780190721060
Product Type: Books

Books - Oxford Afrikaans-Engels English-Afrikaans Skoolwoordeboek School Dictionary 2e Workbook | ISBN 9780190721510 Oxford Afrikaans-Engels English-Afrikaans Skoolwoordeboek School Dictionary 2e Workbook
ISBN: 9780190721510
Product Type: Books

Books - Oxford English Xhosa Dictionary (Hardback) | ISBN 9780195702903 Oxford English Xhosa Dictionary (Hardback)
Author: Arnold Fischer
ISBN: 9780195702903
Pages: 738
Published: 1985
Product Type: Books

Books - Oxford English Xhosa Dictionary (Paperback) | ISBN 9780199043422 Oxford English Xhosa Dictionary (Paperback)
Author: 238.95
ISBN: 9780199043422
Pages: 738
Published: 2012

Answering a long-felt need for a comprehensive English-Xhosa dictionary, this work has been compiled to meet the needs of both Xhosa-speakers learning English, and English-speakers learning Xhosa. Plus: a guide to Xhosa noun classes in the front of the dictionary helps you understand a vital part of Xhosa grammar and how to use your dictionary effectively. Around 15,000 entries comprehensively cover everyday, technical and subject-specific English. The class system of Xhosa nouns is clearly shown to help you avoid making grammar mistakes.
Product Type: Books

Oxford South African Dictionary Of School Terminology
ISBN: 9780190441067
Product Type: Books

Oxford South African Secondary School Dictionary (Hardback)
Author: 226.95
ISBN: 9780195765267
Product Type: Books

Books - Oxford South African Concise Dictionary 2e (Hardback) | ISBN 9780195982183 Oxford South African Concise Dictionary 2e (Hardback)
Author: Rhodes University. Dictionary Unit for South African English
ISBN: 9780195982183
Pages: 1440
Published: 2011-01-27

An updated edition of South Africa's most comprehensive reference dictionary, ideal for use by high school and tertiary students, as well as libraries, families and businesses. Unique South African content (headwords, usage notes, definitions, pronunciations), updated to include new curriculum and new general words Easy to understand etymologies for all root words (key in new curriculum) Useful encyclopaedic middle/extra matter for South Africa, e.g. history of SA English, SA presidents and prime ministers, Some SA national and provincial statistics, SA languages, etc. Over 200,000 entries, including hundreds of new words and terms Around 2,000 South African words authoritatively explained Exceptionally clear definitions using straightforward English Tricky points of grammar and usage made clear, with offensive words signposted
Product Type: Books


Top Class Life Sciences Dictionary Grades 10-12
ISBN: 9781775880790
Product Type: Books

Other Series

Books - Traditionally useful plants of Africa - their cultivation and use | ISBN 9780521157100 Traditionally useful plants of Africa - their cultivation and use
Author: Phakamani mAfrika Xaba, Peter Croeser
ISBN: 9780521157100
Product Type: Books

Astronomy of Timbuktu
Author: Rodney Thebe Medupe
ISBN: 9780521169769
Product Type: Books

Books - Great South African Inventions | ISBN 9780521746632 Great South African Inventions
Author: Michael N. Bruton,Mike Bruton
ISBN: 9780521746632
Pages: 96
Published: 2010

Introducing Great South African Inventions by Prof Mike Bruton * This fascinating book is a collection of the groundbreaking achievements of South African inventors and innovators from ancient to modern day. From the use of traditional plants to the latest developments in space and computer technology, explore a wide range of remarkable inventions that have shaped South Africa, Africa and the world. * This book looks at the fascinating lives of the inventors themselves, some of whom are Nobel Prize winners and the struggles they faced in achieving success. * Other contributions to science and astronomy include the South African Large Telescope (SALT), the largest optical/infrared telescope in the southern hemisphere and one of the five largest telescopes in the world. * This book reveals practical inventions such as the innovative Collapsible tow bar invented by Gerson Phosa and Sophia Tumelo from Phokeng Village near Rustenberg.
Product Type: Books

Indigenous Mining and Metallurgy
Author: Shadreck Chirikure
ISBN: 9780521740197
Product Type: Books

IsiNdebele / English Dictionary
ISBN: 9781868935918
Product Type: Books

Sichazamagama Setibalo Setikolo SakaCambridge (Siswati)
ISBN: 9781107555686
Product Type: Books

The Cambridge Mathematics Dictionary for FET
ISBN: 9781108406284
Product Type: Books

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