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Books - Metaphysical Poetry | ISBN 9780521789608 Metaphysical Poetry
Author: Richard Willmott
ISBN: 9780521789608
Pages: 132
Published: 2002-02-07

Critical introductions to a range of literary topics and genres. The emotional power and intellectual challenge of metaphysical poetry are such that it still appeals to modern readers. This book looks at the many ways in which readers at different times have read metaphysical poetry, suggesting approaches for readers today.
Product Type: Books

Books - Moments Of Madness: 150 Years Of Short Stories | ISBN 9780521599658 Moments Of Madness: 150 Years Of Short Stories
Author: Frank Myszor
ISBN: 9780521599658
Pages: 210
Published: 1998-03-19

Cambridge Literature is a series of literary texts edited for study by students aged 14-18 in English-speaking classrooms. It includes novels, poetry, short stories, and essays. The series is extensive and open-ended, and provides school students with a range of edited texts taken from a wide geographical spread. It includes writing in English from various genres and differing times. Moments of Madness is edited by Frank Myszor, Lecturer in English, Itchen Sixth Form College, Southampton.
Product Type: Books

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