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Books - New Approaches To Learning And Teaching Literature In English | ISBN 9781316645895 New Approaches To Learning And Teaching Literature In English
Author: Peter Thomas
ISBN: 9781316645895
Pages: 144
Published: 2018-07-19

A subject-specific guide for teachers to supplement professional development and provide resources for lesson planning. Approaches to learning and teaching Literature in English is the perfect companion for teachers who want to understand key teaching techniques and use them to create effective and engaging lessons. Considering the local and global contexts when planning and teaching a syllabus, the title presents ideas for literature in English with practical examples that help put teaching theory into practice. Teachers can download online tools for lesson planning from our website. This book is ideal support for those new to teaching or wanting to refresh their ideas, and for those studying professional development qualifications or PGCEs.
Product Type: Books

New Approaches To Learning And Teaching Literature In English Cambridge Elevate Edition (2Yr)
ISBN: 9781316645925
Product Type: Books

Pass Macbeth Caps
ISBN: 9781107470781
Product Type: Books

The Age Of Chaucer
Author: Valerie Allen
ISBN: 9780521529938
Pages: 130
Published: 2004-01-15

Critical introductions to a range of literary topics and genres. This book explores the world in which Chaucer wrote; it offers opportunities for comparison between his work and that of his near contemporaries; and discusses stylistic variations to be found between Chaucer and other writers, and within Chaucer's own texts.
Product Type: Books

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