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Afrikaans Readers

Books - Jane Eyre | ISBN 9780195762112 Jane Eyre
ISBN: 9780195762112
Product Type: Books

Books - Oliver Twist (Afrikaans Version) | ISBN 9780195762143 Oliver Twist (Afrikaans Version)
ISBN: 9780195762143
Product Type: Books

Books - Ontvoer! | ISBN 9780195762167 Ontvoer!
ISBN: 9780195762167
Product Type: Books

Books - Robinson Crusoe | ISBN 9780195762150 Robinson Crusoe
ISBN: 9780195762150
Product Type: Books

Books - Sherlock Holmes | ISBN 9780195762129 Sherlock Holmes
ISBN: 9780195762129
Product Type: Books

Books - Skateiland | ISBN 9780195762136 Skateiland
ISBN: 9780195762136
Product Type: Books

Fase 18 Klassieke Stories (Pak van 6)
ISBN: 9780195760668
Product Type: Books

isiXhosa Readers

Books - Unqweme | ISBN 9780195711448 Unqweme
Author: Monde Silas Mabinza,Luvo Volume Mabinza
ISBN: 9780195711448
Pages: 56
Published: 1990
Product Type: Books

Iimbuso Zikagawulayo
ISBN: 9780195766691
Product Type: Books

Books - Kufundwa Ngamava | ISBN 9780195706154 Kufundwa Ngamava
Author: Minazana Dana
ISBN: 9780195706154
Pages: 98
Published: 1990

This 1940s novel explores conflicts between the demands of the church and the community.
Product Type: Books

Books - Ungodongwana | ISBN 9780195700367 Ungodongwana
Author: President Mthetho Ntloko
ISBN: 9780195700367
Pages: 40
Published: 1961-01-01
Product Type: Books

isiZulu Readers

Izinto Ziyenzeka
ISBN: 9780199057412
Product Type: Books

Books - Nkombose Kababa | ISBN 9780195708585 Nkombose Kababa
Author: Lawrence Molefe
ISBN: 9780195708585
Pages: 79
Published: 1996
Product Type: Books

Mapwork and Atlases

Oxford Sekondere Atlas Vir Suid-Afrika (Hersien) CAPS
ISBN: 9780199070404
Product Type: Books

Books - Oxford South African Thematic Atlas For Grades 7-9 | ISBN 9780199049936 Oxford South African Thematic Atlas For Grades 7-9
Author: Jean Bottaro
ISBN: 9780199049936
Pages: 145
Published: 2015

The Oxford South African Thematic Atlas for grades 7-9 is a superb collection of maps and a comprehensive reference tool designed to meet the CAPS requirements for Social Sciences in Grades 7 to 9. In addition to the detailed maps of South Africa, Africa and the world, it is arranged according to important geographical themes.
Product Type: Books

Oxford Suid-Afrikaanse Tematiese Atlas Vir Graad 7–9
Author: 193.95
ISBN: 9780190422806
Product Type: Books

Sepedi Literature

Seswantšho Sa Setšhaba
ISBN: 9780199048175
Product Type: Books

Sesotho Literature

Re Utlwile
ISBN: 9780199058686
Product Type: Books

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