Custom lists of stationery and textbooks for your school

School Lists

Our partner schools have prepared lists of the textbooks and stationery required by learners.

Products are conveniently grouped by grade and subject to make it easy.

Textbooks can be ordered online


A good textbook is a fantastic aid for learning in the classroom and at home. Do you know the difference between a textbook, a workbook and a teachers guide? Textbooks (also known as Learners Books) contain content information about the subject and explain concepts. Workbooks contain exercises and study material to help the learner revise and practise the subject. Teacher Guides contain tips and additional information, aimed at the teacher.

We have maths textbooks and all kinds of school textbooks for sale. We offer the full range of CAPS textbooks for all school grades. You can buy textbooks online right here, and get them delivered to your door.

Back to school stationery like pens and penciles and glue and books


From glue to pens and paper we stock all kinds of desktop stationery. Whether you are looking for your annual back to school stationery or simply need to top up your pencil box with a calculator, you can browse our sections using the buttons above. We also stock teacher stationery supplies like posters.

You can do your online school stationery shopping right here. Online stationery items and supplies can be ordered and delivered to your door.


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